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About the Town of Tyngsboro MA

Tyngsboro, or Tyngsborough as it is sometime called, is a small town in the county of Middlesex, Massachusetts. It was incorporated as a town on 23rd February, 1809 and soon became famous for its ferries which sailed along the Merrimack River, the granite quarries along the river, and the host of box companies that opened up in the town.

Early Developments

The town later developed to become a Old Tyngsborough Bridgevacation community and up until the 60s it had a huge seasonal resident population. Nowadays, Tyngsboro mainly serves as a bedroom community for parts of Lowell, as well as the Nashua region of New Hampshire. It’s also a short commute away from the Boston area. The town is also popular for the Tyngsboro Bridge that serves as a major river crossing for both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with over 20,000 daily crossings according to the most recent surveys.


Tyngsboro is governed by a board of selectmen who are chiefly responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the town. A town administrator is responsible for the daily running of the town’s offices and for overseeing the town’s employees. The town administrator also acts as the agent to the board of selectmen. Tyngsboro uses an open town meeting system. It is represented in the state’s House of Representatives as part of the 36th District of Middlesex and as part of the 1st Middlesex District in the state Senate. It is also part of the Massachusetts’s 3rd congressional district at the federal level.


One of the outstanding things about the Old Town Halltown of Tyngsboro is that it sits at a major crossing between New Hampshire and Massachusetts. It shares boarders with the towns of Westford, Dunstable, Dracut, Chelmsford, and Groton, as well as with the New Hampshire areas of Pelham, Hudson and Nashua. The Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA), the chief institution responsible for providing public transport to the greater Lowell area, offers a fixed route bus service and other transit services that pass through the town. The LRTA 10 bus service connects the eastern parts of the town with the town of Dracut and the Lowell station on Lowell’s main commuter rail line.


According to the most recent populationFirst Parish Meeting House estimates, Tyngsboro had a population of 11,292 people, with approximately 95.63% of the racial makeup consisting of whites and 2.48% Asian. The town’s population is fairly young, with the median resident age being 40.6 years. The estimated per capita income stood at $38,380 as at 2013, while the estimated median household income stood at $94,618.

Other Points to Note

One of the somewhat odd facts about the town of Tyngsboro is that parts of the parking lot of the Pheasant Lane Mall are in Tyngsboro, while the rest of the entire mall is within Nashua in New Hampshire. Moreover, the J.C. Penny building at the mall was at one time within the town of Tyngsboro, but after it was re-bricked due to sales tax reasons it’s now only inches away from the state lines.
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