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Town of Westford MA

Westford is a town in Middlesex County, MA that was originally part of the neighboring Chelmsford County. The town soon grew to be large enough to run its own governance and it was officially incorporate as Westford on 23rd September 1792. Here is a quick highlight about the town of Westford, MA.


As at the late 18th and early 19th J V Fletcher Library - Westford MAcenturies, the town mainly produced worsted yarn, apples, and granite. Towards the end of the American Civil War, transportation and roads improved, and the town started serving as a residential suburb for the industries of Lowell, becoming of one of the earliest remarkable models of urban sprawl. In the 20th century Westford continued to grow and went further to provide residential housing for Boston as well.
With the coming of the 128 Technology Belt, the town’s agricultural past gave way to more developments and Westford started serving as a residential suburb for high-technology companies in Woburn, Burlington and other areas. The town later advanced to become a center of high-tech itself. As early as the 1990s, it was home to the offices for Samsung, Red Hat, Seagate, Sonus Networks, and a host of many other firms located along Route 110. Westford is home to the North American headquarters for Puma, and HydroDot, the leading maker of EEG electrodes.


According to the latest population Old Westford Academy Westford MAestimates, Westford has a population of over 21,000 people, with whites (85.1%) and Asians (12.6%) being the majority racial groups. The town has a fairly young population, with a median age of approximately 37 years according to the most recent surveys. Its per capita income stood at $48,951, while the median income per household is approximately $121,136. Approximately 1.7% of the town’s population lives below the poverty line.


Westford is governed by a board of 5 selectmen who act as the paramount policy making officials. The selectmen are charged with the responsibility of enforcing the town’s regulations and bylaws. The daily management of the town is handled by a town manager, who is an employee of the town and serves as an agent for board of selectmen. The city’s residents contribute to the local government through volunteering for the town’s committees and boards, as well as through participation at town meetings.


Freight is well-developed through First Parish Church United of Westford MAWestford, with a major Pan Am Railway corridor connecting the town to New Hampshire, Maine, New York and Vermont. A vast network of well developed roads and commuter trains also link the areas in and around Westford, as well as in the greater western Massachusetts area.

Fun Facts

There are a couple of fun facts about the City of Westford that are worth noting. For instance, the Abbot Worsted Company was the first company in the U.S to use camel hair for making worsted yarn. The main cast member of what used to be a popular TV drama series titled Nikita, Aaron Stanford, hails from Westford. Westford also has several public and private recreational attractions, activities, festivals, and sports events all-year-round.

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