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What is a rubber roof?

If you have never heard of a rubber roof, don’t think that you are the only one. You are definitely not alone. While many people have never heard of a rubber roof before, it’s a really good option to be aware of if you are a homeowner in search of a roofing material to have installed into your home. Rubber roofs have a lot of benefits to you as a homeowner that you should definitely consider.

Rubber roof repair

In short, a rubber roof is a roofing material that is made primarily, as you would expect, from recycled rubber, as well as a variety of other materials derived from recycled means, including slate dust and plastic.

Why a rubber roof?

Firstly, the rubber roofing option is one of the most environmentally friendly choices that exists on the market today, due to the fact that it is manufactured primarily out of recycled materials. Additionally, it takes a lot less energy to be manufactured in the first place, and is once again able to be recycled at the end of its long life as a roof for your home or business.
For those of us out there who are concerned about Mother Earth and creating a sustainable world for future generations to live in, rubber roofing is a great decision when it comes to choosing what type of material to use as a homeowner when it comes time to pick a roofing material for your home.

Another great advantage that comes with deciding on rubber roofing as your material of choice when roofing your home or business is cost. Not only is it environmentally friendly and sustainable, but it is also financially sustainable for those on a tight budget.

The installation process is fairly easy and simple, and while you do need a licensed installer like the dedicated and experienced team of professionals at Old School Group, to have this type of roof laid down for you, the fact that the material poses a simple and relatively painless installation process significantly cuts down on the price for you as a homeowner. Having a lower cost of materials, installation and labor costs is certainly a big plus for you if you aren’t trying to overspend on your home improvement project of having a roofing material installed into your home.

Rubber roof services

Rubber is also a great quality material, so if you are thinking that because it is one of the cheaper options on the market today and are afraid that, “you get what you pay for,” this is certainly not the case. Rubber roofs are reliable and durable for many reasons, so you will find that this results in them being long lasting as well, which is a great advantage for you, because you certainly don’t want to be going through this process of having your roof re-roofed again anytime in the near future.

The good news is, rubber roofs often have a lifespan of 50 years. Moreover, the fact that rubber roofs are often laid in one piece means that there are no seams for water to slip through and ultimately permeate into your home and result in inconvenience and costly damage that is just a lot of hassle to get repaired. Rubber is also not vulnerable to the rays emitted from the sun, such as ultraviolet and UV rays, which contributes to its long lasting quality, so you can enjoy the lifespan of your roof for many, many years to come.

Rubber roofs are also quite reliable, as they can hold their ground against severe New England weather conditions, including things such as hail and high winds.

Another great thing about rubber roofs are their ease of repair. In the event that your roof ever does become damaged, the problem is often solved with something as simple as liquid rubber or specialized tape to get the job done. When it comes to a damaged roofing material, this may sound like it would be quite a hassle to get handled that comes with a lot of unnecessary stress for your average homeowner, but the good news is that repairs are typically inexpensive, easy and over with very quickly.
This is why, in the event that you do see that there is damage on your roof that needs to be tended to, it is definitely not any sort of cause for alarm, as these damages are basically never a problem at all.

Maintenance is another hassle that many owners have to deal with when it comes to their roofing material of choice, but that is a virtually nonexistent matter if you are dealing with rubber roofing. If anything, the most a homeowner may want to consider having done in terms of maintenance for their rubber roof is using acrylic paint to repaint the surface every decade or so. Other than that, your rubber roof poses no need to undergo maintenance, which saves you time, effort and money. How convenient is that?

Rubber roofs are also versatile, as they come in many types of thicknesses for you to choose from depending on your needs as a homeowner, which largely depends on the area in which your home is located. The professionals at Old School Group will help you to determine which thickness of a rubber roof is right for you.

Why should you consider another option other than a rubber roof?

Virtually, the only drawback to a rubber roof is its appearance, which homeowners find to be not as attractive as the other roofing options available on today’s market. However, painting and having the rubber material cut into strips that represent shingles before being installed, can go a long way towards improving the appearance of your rubber roof.

How can you get a rubber roof?

If you are interested in getting a rubber roof and availing all of its benefits, contact us at Old School Group and ask us any questions you may have regarding the type of roofing material you are considering using. Our professionals are experts in the industry and have a lot of experience behind them to back all of the knowledge they have gained over the years of working in the roofing business. You can trust any opinion given to you and rely on us to ensure you are completely satisfied with the service you receive in having your rubber roof installed.
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