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About the Town of Billerica, MA

Billerica is a town located in Middlesex County, MA. The town gets its name from Billerica, a town in Essex, England where most of the early European settlers in the area originally came from. It was incorporated as a town in 1655, on the same day as the neighboring communities of Groton and Chelmsford. Read on for more information about the town of Billerica.


The town is located 20 miles Old Talbot Mills Billericanorth-northwest of the city of Boston along the northwest expressway portion of the U.S. Route 3. Its position is at the between the greater Boston metro area to the south and the greater Lowell area to the north. Billerica is also situated approximately 3 miles from the Interstate 95/128 High-Technology belt that is also part of the Massachusetts Route 128 to the south, and less than two miles from Interstate 495, MA outer belt highway to the north.

Industry and Commerce

One of the interesting things about the Sabbath Day House Billericatown of Billerica is the number of major technology, transport and manufacturing center. The town is home to a major manufacturer of EPDs that power tablets like the Kindle. It’s also home to a major U.S. defense contractor and industrial corporation. A major global chemical and pharmaceutical group from Germany has set up a multi-million dollar research and development institute in Billerica. Other industries that operate in the town include chemical performance materials, energy technology, biopharmaceuticals, business communications and collaborations systems, intelligence and surveillance systems and products, among other high-technology companies.


According to the most recent population estimates, Billerica had approximately 40,243 residents, an increase of 3.2% from the year 2000. The median resident age is 40.1 years, which is a fairly young population. The racial makeup of the town is predominantly white, with whites making up about 95% of the population. However, the town is till culturally diverse as there are other races from across the world represented in the population.

Economic Indicators

The rate of unemployment in Billerica Billerica Center Billericais 5.4% against the national average of 6.3%, and the job growth rate is 1.36%. Over the next 10 years, future job growth is estimated to increase to 37% -38%. The sales tax stands at 6.35% while income tax stands at 5.2%. The mean household income is approximately $89,957 against the national average of $53,046, while the family median income stands at $100,852 against the national average of $64,585. Over 60% of the workforce in the town has an annual income that ranges from 60K to 200K.


Billerica is administered through a representative town meeting system. The town’s governing system consists of an executive branch and a legislative branch. The town meeting forms the legislative arm of the town and consists of about 240 members who are elected from the 11 precincts that make the town. The town also elects a board of 5 selectmen who act as the executive. The board of selectmen appoints a town manager to run the day-to-day affairs of the town.
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