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Roof Estimates

We provide roof estimate requirements for architects, merchants, homeowners and contractors. Through the years we have built a solid reputation when it comes to providing the best and most accurate estimates to our clients, using our modern estimation tool as well as in providing fast support and assistance.

We are committed to conducting a full investigation and assessment of your roof repair, replacement or installation, and we will take all the steps necessary to give you the most accurate figures possible. We can give you a labor estimate and pricing / quantities in the soonest time possible. When you need the best roofing company in Billerica MA look no further than Old School Group.


Leaking Roof Repair

Does your roof leak? When it comes to fixing leaks our team is always ready to help. We serve the entire Billerica, MA area and are fully dedicated to the best leak repair service to ensure customer satisfaction. Furthermore our certified experts can help with not just repairs but also consultations, energy savings, inspection, maintenance and installation.
Roof Leak Repair billerica ma
With our service you can rest easy knowing you’re being serviced by professionals who are updated and trained in the latest techniques for fixing leaks, safety practices, installation and use of the latest materials. Whether you’ve got a flat roof system, shingles, metal or something else, our certified experts have you covered.
For us, leak repairs are more than just service as it is also a full time commitment. At our company, your satisfaction is our utmost priority.


Rubber Roof Repair

Our rubber repair service is going to make certain there are no more leaks and that it does it’s job, providing protection from the changing weather. In addition our experts will make certain your rubber roof can withstand the heat of the sun so your home remains cool even during those hot summer days. If there is damage, your home’s interior will get too hot and become costly to maintain during the winter.
Rubber Roof Repair Billerica ma
Our experts are here to make certain that doesn’t happen. Once you contact us, we’re going to conduct a thorough assessment of your rubber covering and check for signs of wear and tear. If there are signs of damage we’ll perform the necessary reconstruction and make sure the rubber is as good as new. Replacing the entire roof is an expensive proposition, so if there’s a problem, just give us a call.


Shingle Repair

Are your roof shingles in need of repair or replacement? Our Billerica MA shingle service includes complete repair and installation at prices that you can afford. A lot of homes prefer to use shingles because it’s affordable, available in different styles and when properly taken care of, lasts a long time. However, even the most well-maintained shingles will eventually need replacing at some point, and when that time comes you can always count on us.
Shingle Roof Repair Billerica ma
Whether you need to replace the shingles, require a comprehensive upgrade or just need regular maintenance, we are more than happy to provide the assistance you need. Our extensive shingle repair service includes free consultation, thorough inspection, repair and upgrading of shingles if required. Our experts are also trained to handle all types of shingles such as asphalt, plastic, metal, fiber cement, flagstone and slate. If there are problems with your shingles, don’t hesitate to call us.


Flat Roof Repair

Even the toughest and most well maintained flat roofs can fall prey to vandals, falling trees and the ever changing weather here in Billerica, MA. What’s more, it only takes a small leak to cause problems that could result in property damage and in commercial establishments, damage to equipment and the overall structure. If the leak is left untreated it could lead to dire consequences.

We know how important it is to repair flat roof damage and keep the leak from getting worse, so as soon as you call us, we will send a team of highly trained experts over to make a thorough inspection. Our teams are highly trained and work quickly to minimize the damage and ensure your property doesn’t suffer any more inconveniences.
Bottom line: our teams are well trained and equipped for these situations, and we work fast while making sure your day to day routines are not affected.


Replacement Windows

Our window replacement service has been tailor made to meet the demands of homeowners who need quick and reliable assistance. Today’s windows are available in different styles and made from various materials. But even the best made and properly maintained windows can break or get damaged due to accidents, strong winds and other unforeseen events.
Replacement Windows billerica ma
Whatever the cause may be, our team of window experts are trained in repairing and fixing windows of all types including insulated glass replacement, complete window replacement and more. Our company offers a fully responsive customer service, affordable prices and professional, high quality workmanship.

The windows in your home are important investments and must always be in good condition. A small crack or dent might seem insignificant but that’s usually where the problem starts, so before the situation gets any worse, let us take a look at your windows and we’ll have it fixed as soon as possible.


Vinyl Siding Installation

We offer a wide range of vinyl siding services including repair and complete installation at prices that you can afford. With our services you can choose from a diverse range of siding types that will fit your home and personal preferences.
Vinyl Siding repair billerica ma
Aside from improving the aesthetics, our vinyl siding collection are made from the highest quality materials to ensure it will last and provide the protection you need. You can also be assured that our vinyl materials are made of the highest quality and that once installed, your home will receive a facelift and look better than ever.

Not only is our siding service fast, but we are also reliable and will save you money thanks to the energy saving properties of the materials and equipment we use. We know that when it comes to vinyl sidings, you want as many options as possible, so that is what we offer. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to serve your needs.

We service all of Billerica, MA