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When is it time to replace your windows?

Replacement Windows

It’s always good to keep in mind, particularly as a homeowner, that nothing lasts forever. If you put in the proper consideration, money and effort to make sure you have only quality materials used when implementing home improvement tasks, you can ensure that things do last a very, very long time—but, still, they do not last forever. This is why, with time, you will need to consider having your windows replaced.

But when is the right time for this to take place? Well, if your house is more than 15 years old, then you might want to take this opportunity to check all of the windows in your house in order to ensure that they are still operating as they are supposed to.

Do you find it a struggle when you are trying to either open or close your window? If you are running into trouble when trying to fulfill this basic function of a window in your home, you should definitely consider this to be a red flag. Another sign that it is time to have your window replaced comes in the form of moisture forming on a frequent basis on the interior of the window. This is a sign that the window is no longer Energy Efficient.

Tilt- In Windows

Sometimes, it is not as obvious as explained in the above examples when the time has finally arrived for you to replace—and hopefully upgrade—your windows. Consider the following things and ask yourself you need to call Old School Group and have our dedicated team of experts come out to inspect your windows today to get a professional to determine if your windows need replacing. Keep in mind, the signs that your window replacement time has come around often show themselves in the form of symptoms that, seemingly, have little to do with your windows at all.


Why should you replace your windows?

Does your home seem especially noisy? If the traffic from outside, or people going about their day-to-day activities outside your home, seems to make more noise within your home than you believe it truly should behind closed doors, then you should maybe consider having your windows replaced and installing a model with laminated glass or dual panes, because this can significantly reduce the amount of noise that permeates into your home. You might be surprised, as most homeowners are, when you realize how much quieter your home might become after the installation of these windows.

Window Replacement

Have you noticed the color in your artwork, drapes, furniture or carpet fading? This might be a result of the sunlight streaming through your windows, and this problem can be solved through installing windows that are more energy efficient into your home.

Is the weather from outside seeping into your home, be it the hot summer day outside or the cold winter blizzard? This should not be happening. Remember, the reason you live inside a house is to escape the outside conditions, and water or air of extreme temperatures (whether hot or cold) should not be leaking into your house through the windows. If you think this might be a problem in your home, you should definitely consider replacing your old and worn out single pane windows with a dual pane model.

Remember, if you are thinking about leaving this problem unaddressed, it could lead to some very unfavorable consequences, as water leaking through windows in this way is a big cause of mildew and mold forming inside homes. That would definitely not be a fun problem to have to solve, so keep in mind: prevention is always better than cure. Additionally, if you keep the excessively hot or cold air from the outside weather where it belongs—outside—this will also save you the energy costs of heating or cooling your home.

Also, a visual inspection is also enough to tell you if your windows are old and rotting. If they are, you should definitely call us at Old School Group to come take a look at them and answer any of your questions about having them replaced.

Energy-Efficient windows

Of course, functionality is the biggest purpose of windows, but if you’re going to have them, they might as well be aesthetically pleasing, don’t you think? As yourself: Do your windows look as great as you would like them to? Do they match the interior and exterior style of your home? If they don’t, you’re not stuck with dealing with keeping things this way. Having your windows replaced not only will make your home look better, but it will also definitely increase the overall value of your property, which is something you will certainly never regret!

There really is no reason not to get your windows replaced when you consider that it will provide many more benefits in the form of functionality to your house. And if that’s not enough, they’ll look incredible and of course, increase the property value of your home. Who doesn’t want that? You will surely get a lot of compliments from neighbors and friends regarding how amazing your windows look, and if you choose to upgrade your windows in the process of having them replaced, you will reap many additional benefits as well.
Your windows can keep your house better insulated from both the harshness of New England weather outside as well as all those annoying sounds of traffic on the road outside your house. After a long day, you definitely want to come home and relax, not listen to the sounds of the outside world. Upgrade your windows today so they can help you in keeping the outside world outside!

If you are interested in having your windows replaced, give us a call at Old School Group. We will gladly answer all your questions or come out to your home or business to provide you with an estimate. With our Professional experience and knowledge necessary to ensure your window replacement is done right…Call Old School Group, and receive exactly what you are looking for.