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About the Town of Dracut, MA

Dracut is a town located in Middlesex County, MA. The town is predominantly a suburban community that belongs to the greater Lowell area and sharing a boarder with southern New Hampshire. It is also conveniently situated in the northern part of the greater Boston metropolitan area. Geographically, the town is nestled within the Merrimack Valley. The town was originally part of Chelmsford but it was later granted separation and officially incorporated as a town on the 26th of February, 1701. Here are more useful facts about the Town of Dracut.

Economic Developments

Prior to the arrival of the European Christ Church United Dracut MAsettlers, the areas surrounding Dracut formed part of an important Indian settlement. It was an important area to the Indians due to the rich fishing grounds on the Merrimack River and at Pawtucket Falls, as well as due to its abundant game in the nearby marshy areas. After the establishment of European settlements, Dracut’s economy was based on fishing, milling and lumbering, which led to the development of the 19th century industries of cotton textile milling and paper making. The mills also attracted a large population of Canadian and French immigrants to the town. More recently, there has been rapid modern development in the town with suburban residential pressure from the City of Lowell.

Demographic Indicators

The latest census data shows that Dracut had a population of 31,079 residents by the year 2014. 88.1% of the population is made up of whites, while Asians and African Americans make up 4.0% and 2.3% respectively. The town has a rich cultural diversity represented by other races including, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and other mixed races. The town has a fairly young population with the estimated median resident age being 39.9 years. 58.2% of the town’s population consists of a married population.

Economic Indicators

The estimated per capita income was MA Route 38 northbound entering Dracut MAestimated to be $33,452, while the estimated median household income was estimated to be $78,163. Additionally, the estimated median house or condo value was approximately $262,228 in the year 2013. The rate of unemployment stands at 5.7%.


Surprisingly, Dracut is one of the biggest Dracut Town Office Dracut MAtowns in the state that is still governed using Open Town meeting, whereby all registered voters are entitled to meet at stipulated times to transact the town’s affairs. The town is governed by an elected board of selectmen and a school committee that consists of five members who are elected for a three year staggered term. A town manager is appointed by the board of selectmen, the library trustee, and the school committee to run the day-to-day affairs of the town.


One thing about the town of Dracut that makes it attractive is its proximity to several major highways. Interstate 495 and 93, along with U.S. Route 3 are some of the largest roadways in the state. Interstate 95 is also not far from the town. There is a bus service that links the town to the Lowell train station. Additionally, the Tennessee Gas, the TransQuebec and the Portland Natural Gas Transmission System all interconnect in Dracut.
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