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Lowell is famous as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, making it one of the first planned and truly American factory cities. This renaissance city sits on an exciting intersection where creativity, cultural diversity, and history intersect. These elements interrelate in an interesting way that raises some intriguing and unique facts about the City of Lowell, MA. As the city continues to be revitalized, it makes for a great place to live, work, invest and visit.

Recent Developments

Lowell was incorporated as a city on Bridge Street BridgeApril 1, 1836, which is coincidentally funny as this is April Fools day. Since the early 1990s, the city has been rebuilding itself and its image through various projects. The advent of sports franchises like the Lowell Devils (hockey) and Lowell Spinners (baseball), and projects such as the Tsongas Arena, were some of the major earlier project. More recent revitalization works include the transformation of many of the former mill buildings into upscale condominiums and loft apartments, and office space. These efforts are attracting wealthier residents, investors, entrepreneurs, boutiques, artists, and art galleries, adding charm to the bustling downtown.

Cultural Diversity

According to the most recent population estimates, Lowell has a population of 109,945 people and there is no rural population. There is an interesting mix in the cultural representation or diversity of the city’s population. For instance, the city has the highest Asian population on the east coast and the second largest Asian population in the U.S, with people of Asian descent representing 20% of the total population. Additionally, 27,526 or approximately 25% of Lowell’s residents are foreign born.

Fun Facts

The city has some fascinating facts that Canal and Locksspan throughout its development in history to the present times. Mill City or Spindle City, as Lowell is sometimes referred to, is famous throughout its history as the textile industry powerhouse of the U.S. By the year 1850, the annual production of cloth coming from the textile mills was enough to encircle the earth two times. Up to ¾ of the labor force in the textile mills was made up of women known as the Lowell Mill Girls. This was the highest number of female workers anywhere at the time. Telephone numbers were invented here also, and one of the most efficient water powered turbines in history was invented in the city. Interestingly, the first governor of Puerto Rico, Charles Herbert Allen, was a resident also other notable citizens and residents of Lowell include the founder of AOL, Ted Leonsis, and the famous American novelist and poet Jack Kerouac.


The city also hosts the only fair trade Merrimack Streetfestival on earth, the New England Culture Fest, and its home to the largest free folk festival in the U.S, the Lowell Folk Festival. The city also boasts of numerous other attractions that include historic museums, art galleries, and annual events to celebrate the city’s cultural diversity, sports events and parks. The city is only a short drive from Logan International Airport in Boston, as well as from Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in southern New Hampshire.
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